day 1 (01.08.2010): arrival in china....

...after 13h of travel, starting form melbourne, ending in nanjing, my "hometown" for the next 3 months. stop over was in shanghai, where i needed to find the gate for the nanjing flight first and i can tell you, the airport there is not too little :-) i realised that as well when i entered the bus, which took us to the plane, taking a little less than 10 minutes. the plane itself was just a little jet and then the first "thing" in china happened: i just wanted to get on the plane but bang, the door of the plane was a little bit to small, shit happens. the stewardess found it was funny and i didn't do anything else than laughing :-)

 arrival in nanjing 11pm. temperature: 33°, humidity: very humid. and because it wasn't too warm in melbourne i was wearing jeans, t-shirt, jumper and jacket. my boss picked me up in thongs, shorts and t-shirt, i think i don't have to say anything else, it was just hot :-)

he took me to my apartment in the city centre of nanjing: level 19, nice view, fully furnished inclduing bed, little kitchen, bathroom, fridge, desk, television (which i can't use anyway, thanks to the chinese language :-)) and the most important thing in china: air condition.

i just dropped my bags, had a quick shower and that was it for the day. plan for the next day: organising stuff.

29.8.10 14:07


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