day 2 (02.08.2010): adventure shopping...

...and organising basic things was the plan for today.

after sleeping long i decided to look for the next supermarket, because i was really hungry and needes some breakfast. and i found the nanjing aldi, named suguo. result of the shopping trip: took me 30 minutes, cause 95% of the stuff is written in chinese and i didn't know where to look for it, so i had to go thorugh every shelve :-) so my theme for shopping is: i buy the things which look good and might taste good and yoghurt gets chosen by colour :-) next step was to go to the cashier, but where are they? so i TRIED to ask the staff from the supermarket but i had to realise that they don't speak word english and didn't know what i wanted, so i just walked on and found it on the ground level. after ordering a bag by showing on someone else's i grabbed my shoppings and went home.

in the afternoon jessy came. she's the main secretary of the company and she speaks english quite ok. if she didn't know things she asked her little translating computer and that's how we went to buy a sim-card, to the police station to get me registered and then had dinner.

in the evening we meet my boss and ryan, the second owner of the company to give me a short presentation of the company at 11.30 pm, because next day would be my first day at work.

29.8.10 14:49


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