day 5 (05.08.2010): business trip

today was my third day at work. the first two days a basically did nothing, except from trying to learn some chinese words. the epmhasis is on trying, because it's really hard. there's just no derivation from other words possible and the words are sometimes put together a little bit strange. for nouns u put two words together: like cigarette actually means fragrant smoke.

anyway, we visited some suppliers today, because there have been some problems in quality. the conversation at this and the following two suppliers was all in chinese so i did nothing except sitting there, trying to pay attention to things i don't understand and sometimes get a short translation what the conversation is about, but i have no chance to understand a word or say something. that's when i realised again that it's gonna be a very hard time when we go and visit suppliers and customers. because sometimes they talk about me as well, point on me and i really would like to know what they say, who wouldn't :-) same situation at dinner sometimes, but that's ok, i expected it. it just would be really interesting at some points.

after a really long day i went out for dinner with the guys from the assembly team and ivy, sales manager. she needed to go with us because she was the only one speaking english apart from me. so to make something like a conversation happen she had to translate the things, but i think she didn't mind.

Furthermore i learned to count in chinese and they tried to teach me some food vocabulary, which i forgot again by the end of dinner, cause there were so many. but i'm still able to count, at least i learned something :-) 

After dinner they dropped me at my apartment and i let the day come to an end with an iced coke on top of my apartment building, level 33, nice view and not too hot anymore (only 30° at 11pm :-))

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